Our 100% North American-made turf is free of lead and other heavy metals found in other turfs. Ours is the softest, most durable turf in the industry, and carries an 15-year warranty insured by a 3rd party.


Save over 75,000 liters of water every year and produce no emissions with a Go Green Turf lawn. Our turf properly manages run-off with a patent-pending ProFlow™ backing. Ask about our 100% recyclable turf options.

Reclaim Your

No mowing, no watering, no fertilizing, no weeding, no seeding, no aerating… you get the picture. Go Green Turf lets you have the grass you want without all the hassle, cost, and time.


From large golf courses to small backyard oases, Go Green Turf can meet any landscape design need. Talk to us today about how you can have a durable, maintenance-free, and environmentally-friendly greenspace solution, wherever you need it.